Advantages of the Fluxion Radial Arc source:

·        Fully ionized, macroparticle filtered, pure metal and carbon ion deposition.

·        High rates comparable to unfiltered arc.

·        Simple, compact, symmetrical, patented (US 6,756,596, 9,624,570 and pending).

·        Easy to operate and maintain.  Uses all permanent magnets - no coils.

·        Simple replacement for other sources including unfiltered-arc and sputtering.

·        Inherent Uniformity (no beam scanning), over any length using multiple sources. (See Performance.)

·        Adjustable rate-distribution for uniformity on stationary or rotating substrates.

·        Simple, inexpensive targets with long life and high usage that are easy to replace.

·        Unmatchable adhesion, density, stoichiometry, hardness.

·        High sp3 Hard-Carbon.  Stable arc evaporation on graphite.

·        Ultra-High-Vacuum operation (no argon required).

·        Wear, corrosion, decorative, data storage, optical, semi-conductor applications.

· Macroparticle elimination without compromising on the high deposition rate and simplicity of unfiltered arc.

· Full Ionization allows precise control of deposition energy and greater reactivity for optimizing your film properties such as adhesion, density, stoichiometry, hardness, and conformality.  For example: ion deposited diamond films are many times harder than sputtered diamond films and the stoichiometry of compound films (like TiN) is much better (and controllable) compared to less reactive processes like sputtering.

· Ionization allows low deposition temperatures because the energy is in the plasma, not the substrate.  Coat fragile substrates including plastics.

· Ionization for optimum performance in your application, including:  high sp3 tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C “diamond”), electrically conductive diamond, semiconductor metallization, electronic, MEMS, optical, data storage, biomedical, surgical instrument, wear, corrosion, and decorative films.

· Optimum quality metal, alloy, compound (nitrides, oxides, carbides), diamond, conductive diamond films.